Brigadier General John Cherrey

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Brig Gen John Cherrey 140412AETC logo, 121222

Brigadier General John Cherrey
Deputy Director of Intelligence, Operations and Nuclear Integration for Flying Training
Air Education and Training Command

Brig. Gen. John A. Cherrey is the Deputy Director of Intelligence, Operations, and Nuclear Integration for Flying Training, Headquarters Air Education and Training Command, Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, Texas. He is responsible for developing policies and programming resources for aircrew training programs. These include undergraduate flying, post-graduate combat crew, and supplemental training for the Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Reserve and Guard personnel; international partners; and Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training. Along with formulating training policy, he maintains the ability to respond to peacetime contingencies and expeditionary requirements, and to execute AETC command and control in peace and war.

Colonel Brent Causey

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Col Brent Causey 140405AMEDD 120811

Colonel Brent Causey
Command Chaplain
Army Medical Department Center & School

Chaplain Brent V. Causey holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Biola University, La Mirada, California, and a Master of Divinity Degree from Fort Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Worth, Texas. His military education includes completion of the Chaplain Officer Basic and Advanced Courses, United States Army Command and General Staff College, and the Army War College.

Prior to Chaplain Causey’s current assignment, he served as United States Forces/Theater Command Chaplain – Afghanistan.

Mary Beth Fisk and Dr. Frank Emmit

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Mary Beth Fisk 140329Ecumenical CenterMary Beth Fisk
CEO and Executive Director
Ecumenical Center for Education, Counseling and Health

Mary Beth Fisk has more than 30 years’ experience in the nonprofit sector as a visionary, executive, clinical research scientist, and community builder. As the former president and chief operating officer of South Texas’ largest blood, tissue, and cellular therapy center, Mary Beth initiated and implemented meaningful programs that still stand today, including Gencure (a cellular therapy & tissue engineering program involving umbilical-cord). Over the years, Mary Beth founded and directed a nonprofit foundation, developed an international tissue donor bank, and was an active instrument in shepherding new legislation for medical needs at both the state and national level as well as authored numerous scientific and peer-reviewed journal articles.

An active volunteer, Fisk was elected to the Ecumenical Center’s Board of Directors and served as its treasurer as well as serving on several influential local and national boards. In 2009 and again in 2012, she was named a Health Care Hero in the areas of innovation and administrative excellence respectively by the San Antonio Business Journal.

Colonel Michael C. Harasimowicz

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Colonel Michael C. Harasimowicz 14032224th Air Force, 130209Colonel Michael C. Harasimowicz
688th CyberSpace Wing

Colonel Michael C. Harasimowicz is Commander, 688th Cyberspace Wing, Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas. In this capacity, he leads over 1,500 professionals in developing, training, exercising and testing information operations tactics, techniques and procedures; analyzing and mitigating U.S. cyberspace vulnerabilities; integrating emerging information dominance capabilities in support of Air Force, joint, and Department of Defense warfighters; engineering, deploying, and delivering survivable and resilient cyber infrastructure (deployed and in-garrison); and integrates communications and  computer systems designed to increase the combat effectiveness of Air Force and Department of Defense elements.

Dr. Kerry Anderson Crooks and Homer Hall

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Crooks and Hall 140315

Dr. Kerry Anderson Crooks (left) and Homer Hall

Dr. Kerry Anderson Crooks
Mr. Homer Hall
U.S. Air Force veterans
Air crash survivors 

Dr. K. Anderson Crooks is a veteran and senior accredited organizational communications professional and educator with a wide variety of experiences and depth of expertise in crisis management and program development.

Dr. Crooks has served in various management and communications roles in both the military and private sector. He served as faculty and the assistant vice president for university relations at the University of Florida. At UF, he taught courses for the colleges of Agriculture and Journalism and Communication. His research earned several distinctions including the inaugural Susanne Roschwalb Award and Grant. He has made presentations to the American Meteorological Society, the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, the F.I.T/Boeing/People’s Republic of China aviation symposium, and the US/Japanese business conference, and was key speaker at conferences to include PR, photography, IT and aviation fields.  He created the Aviation Meteorology course for the European-American Institute of Nice, France.

Gary Boyd

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Gary Boyd 140308AETC logo, 121222Mr. Gary Boyd
Command historian
Air Education and Training Command

Gary W. Boyd is the Command Historian, Headquarters Air Education and Training Command, Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, Texas. He provides guidance to the subordinate unit historians and heritage personnel throughout the command and manages the AETC museum program and Air Force art holdings on loan in the command.

Mr. Boyd  has served at all levels of command as an Air Force Historian both on active duty and as a civilian for more than 25 years.  He has also served as historian in many notable operations, including Operation Desert Storm where he was the A-10 wing historian for the 23/354 Tactical Fighter Wing (Provisional). He was the first Pacific Air Forces Command historian to take part in a joint exercise in the former Soviet Union.  In September 1996  he deployed with an Eleventh Air Force team to Khabarovsk, Russia for SAREX 1996. In 2002 he served as the Air Force Central Command Forward historian in Southwest Asia. In 2003 he spent several months at Headquarters U.S. European Command, Stuttgart, Germany, compiling records of Operation Shining Express and Joint Task Force-Liberia. Then in 2008 he deployed again for Operation Enduring Freedom, where he compiled the history of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, and tanker activities in the Global War on Terrorism.

Lieutenant Colonel Dick Scott

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Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) Dick Scott
U.S. Army
Medevac pilot

This week’s guest will be Retired Army Lt. Colonel Dick Scott, pioneer medevac pilot. He will describe early days of helicopter medevac in Korea and evolution to the famous DUSTOFF crews of the Vietnam era. The history of aerial medevac is closely associated with JBSA-Fort Sam Houston. More information about  Lt. Col. Scott is available here.

We’ll also be talking about Major General Benjamin Foulois (1879-1967), who made the first military flight in a military plane on March 2, 1910. Then-Lt. Foulois piloted Signal Corps 1 on four flights, which included his first solo takeoff, first solo landing and first crash. At that time, he was the one-man Air Force. He was the inventor of both wheels on aircraft and the seat belt. He became Chief of the Air Corps in 1931 and retired in 1935. He remains one of the most significant figures in the development of U.S. air power.