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Although Military City USA Radio is broadcast from San Antonio, Texas, you don’t have to live or work in the Alamo City to be involved. These are just a few ways that our military men and women, veterans or listeners anywhere in the world can have their say:

* Shout-outs: Being far from friends and family is a well-known aspect of active-duty life, even when you’re States-side. Help erase the miles by recording a shout-out to those you care about — whether that means folks in your hometown, your parents, spouse or significant other, or buddies who are still in harm’s way. You’ll have up to 30 seconds to send your special message (be sure to introduce yourself with your first and last name, and rank/unit/assignment). Your recorded message will be placed in a rotation to air during our broadcast (remember, the show streams live around the world and is also posted as a podcast).

Military City USA Radio’s hosts and producer work with a variety of public affairs officers at Joint Base San Antonio to bring the microphone to you! Be sure to watch for announcements or flyers in your workplace announcing upcoming dates. Shout-outs are also recorded at a variety of AFCEA-sponsored events.

* Comments: If you’re listening to the show and have a comment for one of our guests (even if just a “Hey, how are ya?” or “Remember when we used to work together?”), please share it on our website.  The guests on our show are what makes it special, and the comments and feedback from listeners are important to us all. To leave a comment, just click on the guest’s name from our home page; you’ll be taken to a dedicated “guest” page with a comments area at the bottom of the guest’s bio. (Comments are moderated for spam, spoofs, sales pitches and abusive content, so please keep it real.)

* Suggestions for a guest: As the show’s director, Mark Frye is responsible for the lineup of guests, working closely with public affairs professionals and other contacts throughout San Antonio to coordinate details on topics and timing. If you have an idea for a discussion topic, or if your military organization would like to be featured regularly on the show, please contact Mark or the show’s producer, Marla Dial, at

* Listen every week – and share the experience: This is the easiest part. We can’t say it strongly enough: You, the listeners, are important. Appearances for most if not all of our guests are well-publicized in advance through their organizations’ public affairs offices and regular media relations, as well as through AFCEA’s global communications network.

And as our hosts Mark and Kelley like to say, “If you’ve got friends or family who’d like to hear the show, call ’em, text ’em, tell ’em to go to,” or listen live through iHeartradio, or the KLUP mobile app. Geography is no barrier to access!

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