Author Matt Scherer & Dr. Jacquelyn Scherer of UTSA

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Mr. Matt Scherer is an author, professional speaker, SATech Radio partner and CEO for Scherer Communications. He serves as a communications engineer who bridges the gap from traditional media concepts to the newer forms of telling a story. He is also an Air Force veteran.







Dr. Jacquelyn Scherer is a Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Texas at San Antonio. There she teaches Academic Inquiry and Scholarship to freshmen to prepare them for college-level research and writing. Dr. Scherer also researches paleoclimate through the use of stable isotopes with Marina Suarez, a dynamic and exciting stable isotope geochemist. As a senior researcher in the Geoisotope lab at UTSA, she helps graduate and undergraduate students in the lab. Dr. Scherer was also the instructor of record for Environmental Science 2, redesigning the course for more critical thinking and using social media to widen the conversation.


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