Bob Deschner, MS & Dottie Goodsun, MEd: Co-founders of Vet TRIIP Integrative Programs

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Bob Deschner, MS, is a classically trained research chemical engineer/chemist who spent the last twenty-five years investigating innovative models of the autonomic nervous system and integration of evidence-based nutritional, energy and natural healing modalities, including magnetic and Far InfraRed energy products, siddha yoga, Reiki and medical qigong.

Dottie Goodsun, MEd, EFT II, was an educator for twenty-eight years before her parents’ health problems turned her focus toward nutrition and other modalities to promote optimal health and healing.  Dottie has taught EFT and relaxation techniques at DOD/VA facilities and organziations in San Antonio, Austin, Temple and Waco.

Bob and Dottie are co-founders of Vet TRIIP Integrative Programs for veterans, service members and their families living with Post-Traumatic Stress and chronic pain which were adapted from PTSD treatment programs at Fort Bliss and Fort Hood and are based on the simple concept that relaxation, more comfort and better sleep improve everything.

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