Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) Roy White

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Lt Col Roy White is an Air Force veteran of Desert Storm and Operation Southern Watch. Calling the Hill Country of Texas home after moving from Flower Mound, TX in 2011 he is a commercial airline pilot and has been involved with nearly a dozen military non-profit organizations since 2006 helping wounded warriors, families of military fallen heroes and specifically children of military fallen heroes when he served as the President/Chairman of Snowball Express which brings children of military fallen heroes together each year for an a 5 day all-expense paid gathering of healing.

His journey into studying Islam began after three rotations with the Air Force to the Middle East and continues today as he heads the local ACT! for America Chapter in San Antonio. Since the chapter’s inception in May 2013 experts on Islamic ideology, border security, Sharia law, Muslim Brotherhood, World History and Islamic terrorism speak on a monthly basis to the San Antonio public at monthly meetings increasing their knowledge of how to fight back against the spread of Islamic ideology.

For over a year he led a group of citizens (Truth in Texas Textbooks Coalition) in the review of social studies textbooks that were reviewed by the Texas State Board of Education this past November. TTT’s work resulted in discovering over 1500 errors in 32 social studies textbooks and culminated with correcting many of the factual errors in these books in November 2014. More information can be found at . Many of these errors relate to a pro-Islamic/anti-Christian/western agenda from many of the textbook publishers.

From sponsoring a $1000 award for an essay contest for high school students on the topic of Sharia law and the US Constitution to uncovering the proselytizing/recruiting of young airman to convert to Islam through mandatory Islamic cultural training at Lackland AFB, the chapter is meeting the mission of ACT! for America of educating and informing citizens on the tenets of Islamic ideology and the threat it possesses to our freedoms of religion, speech and our way of life.

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