Orange County Judge Stephen Brint Carlton (Major, USAF Reserve)

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Orange County Judge Stephen Brint Carlton began his first term of elected office on January 1, 2015. As County Judge, he presides over the five-member Commissioners’ Court and is the county’s Emergency Management Director for the county’s 82,000 residents.  Judge Carlton also has jurisdictional authority over class A and B adult misdemeanors, felony and misdemeanor juvenile offenses, probate cases, mental health determinations, and certain civil cases. Additionally, he helps establish the county’s tax rates on property valued at over $5 billion, has responsibility for the creation and execution of the county’s $46 million budget as the county’s Chief Budget Officer, and is heavily involved in the overall economic development of the county.

Judge Carlton works closely with community and business leaders as well as local, state, and federal officials. Judge Carlton previously served the county as an assistant district attorney from June 2013 until he took office. Prior to that, he was in the private practice of law with his father.

Judge Carlton also serves the nation as a Major in the US Air Force Reserve. He has been recognized many times for exemplary performance during his military career.  Judge Carlton married his wife, Claire, in 2012 and their daughter, Mayve, was born in 2014.

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