USAF Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Alfred K. Flowers, Author of ‘Reflections of a Servant Leader’

Maj. Gen. Alfred K. Flowers retired as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Budget, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Financial Management and Comptroller, Washington, D.C. He was directly responsible for planning and directing Air Force budget formulations annually that total more than $119 billion. His staff of civilian and military financial managers developed, integrated and defended Air Force resource requests to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Office of Management and Budget, and Congress. He managed and executed funding that supported military operations and Air Force priorities at the direction of the Secretary of Defense and Congress.

General Flowers began his career as an enlisted supply warehouseman in August 1965 at Grand Forks Air Force Base, N.D. He then served as an air transportation specialist for four years beginning in September 1967. In 1971, General Flowers became an accounting specialist and served seven years in that role. After his selection to the grade of master sergeant, General Flowers was commissioned following graduation from Officer Training School as a distinguished graduate of the December 1978 class. In his first three assignments as a budget officer, he served at the squadron, major command and Air Staff levels. In 1990, he was assigned as Chief of the Budget Operations Division for Air Combat Command, where he would later serve as the Chief of Budget. The general has served on the Joint Staff as Defense Resource Manager, and in 1999 he was the Director of Budget Programs for the Department of the Air Force. He has also served as Director, Center for Force Structure, Requirements, Resources and Strategic Assessments at Headquarters U.S. Special Operations Command, and as Commander, Air Force Officer Accession and Training Schools. Prior to his current assignment, the general was Commander, 2nd Air Force, Keesler Air Force Base, Miss.

General Flowers retired on the first of January, 2012 as America’s longest serving Airman. After retiring from the Air Force, Flowers and his wife moved to San Antonio, where he works with military and veterans groups as a volunteer and a speaker. He also helped develop an enlisted heritage museum. According to Flowers, when he experiences military withdrawal pains, he visits Lackland Air Force Base to watch 700 new airmen march in their basic training graduation parade.After retiring from active duty, Flowers served on the board of directors for a number of veteran-related organizations. These included Air Force Aid Society, Lackland Fisher Houses, Lackland Heritage Foundation, and the Fallen Warriors Legacy Scholarship Foundation. Flowers also served as a member of the board of director for the Alamo City Chamber of Commerce in San Antonio, Texas.

In 2017, Flowers wrote and published an autobiography entitled Reflections of a Servant Leader. It highlights his life challenges as well as his forty-six years of military service. The book also includes his thoughts on service, integrity, and leadership.

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